CWFC 015 – Do You Know Do They Know It’s Christmas?

  • Posted on September 25, 2016 at 3:35 am

In the September episode, you’ll learn all about the song “Do they know it’s Christmas.” Plus discover a helpful new way to countdown the days until Christmas, hear our rank of the top 5 Ebenezer Scrooge performances, and find a way to add a little Disney Magic to your decorations this year. Then you’ll hear the final batch of contestants in the 2016 Jingle Brawl.

Download here!

00:00 – 01:38 Intro
01:38 – 03:26 We Need A Little Christmas NOW!!!
03:26 – 14:40 5 Golden Things (Top 5 Scrooge Performances)
14:40 – 16:22 All I Want For Christmas is News
16:22 – 30:17 Do They Know Its Christmas – A Look Back
30:17 – 33:24 Jingle Brawl Round 9
33:24 – 35:59 Wrap Up
35:59 – 39:05 Outtakes

“We Wish You A Merry Christmas” United States Marine Band
“Jingle Bells” Performed by Kristen Nowicki

(The embedded player for the episode is bellow the links & the Jingle Brawl Poll)

New Christmas Cards in The Can’t Wait For Christmas Store

Typhoid Lagoon – A Parody Disney News Site

My Merry Christmas

The Disney Magic Holiday Collection as sen on the Disney Fashionista Blog

Vote Now In The 2016 Jingle Brawl

5 Comments on CWFC 015 – Do You Know Do They Know It’s Christmas?

  1. Anthony Markham says:

    Blues + James Taylor … yes please!!

  2. Spinner says:

    Best episode yet! Loved all the info on ” Do they know it’s Christmas?”

  3. Manuel says:

    Great episode! Love this song: sappy, moving, filled with nostalgia. After hearing it I had to go see the video. I need to recommend the making of “Do They Know it’s Christmas.” So many beautiful young people. Boy George is hilarious making fun of Simon & George Michael. You get to see Sting, Bono, & Simon all side by side laying down their tracks. Highly recommend! I love that British humor.

    Regarding Ebenezer Scrooges, don’t forget Susan Lucci played a female Scrooge character named Ebbie (movie also called Ebbie). Not a groundbreaking performance but I thought it worthy of a mention. I like Scrooge McDuck but The Muppets Christmas Carol is vastly superior. Just my opinion, but I have to agree that I am right (just kidding). But seriously, I am. Looking forward to the next 25th. Merry Christmas Ya’ll!

  4. Brock says:

    Loved the podcast man! Great info and funny, some times a bit corny. I know you put in a lot of work for them but would really love some bonus Christmas shows as we get closer to Dec. 25 this year. Keep up the good work.

  5. Dean says:

    Almost thought you said “a light up Allah from Frozen”

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