CWFC 022 – Silent Night and Disneyland Overlay Ideas

  • Posted on March 24, 2017 at 7:48 am

In this episode, we learn the history of the carol Silent Night (with the help of a “celebrity guest”). We also discus more ways to add Christmas to Disneyland, learn to cook something delicious, and check out the ghost of Christmas movies future.

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00:00 – 01:43 Intro
01:43 – 09:04 We Need a little Christmas now
09:04 – 13:44 Five Golden Things
13:44 – 15:12 All I Want For Christmas is News
15:12 – 24:16 Silent Night
24:16 – 26:36 Who Sang It Best (Silent Night)
26:36 – 28:35 Is Die Hard A Christmas Movie?
28:35 – 37:21 Wrap Up
31:24 – 34:01 Outtakes

“We Wish You A Merry Christmas” United States Marine Band
“Jingle Bells” Performed by Kristen Nowicki

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Green Been Casserole Recipe

Tim on Mousetalgia Podcast

Teaser for All I Want For Christmas Is You Movie

Silent Night Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Tim at Rooster T Feathers in Sunnyvale (w/ Steve Treviño)

1 Comment on CWFC 022 – Silent Night and Disneyland Overlay Ideas

  1. Emily says:

    Hey Tim!

    I love love love your podcast and your guest appearances on Moustalgia! I wanted to share some of the ideas I had for Holiday overlays at Disneyland. 🙂

    #1 I unfortunately haven’t been to Disneyland during the holidays and I heard a rumour that this is alreay in place but if it isn’t I think an overlay of Christmas cheer on the Story Book Canal Boat Ride would be adorble! I mean little wreaths and little snowmen around those adorable fairytale scenes! Love it!

    #2 Toon Town- How amazing would it be to see Mickey and Minnie’s houses all decked out for the holiday! I was thinking if it could even be in the style of Walt Disney World’s former Osbourne Spectacle of Dancing Lights that would be even better! I can only imagine how amazing toon’s holiday decorations would be.

    #3 Autopia- I am gonna be honest the idea of Autopia always seems to be better than the actual ride, but what could be amazing is a holiday overlay! Imagine vintage Christmas music playing- scenes of snowmen, Christmas decorations, etc! A night time ride light display would be so fun!

    #3a- I know it isn’t holiday themed but I suppose it could kind of be- if they did an overlay of Sugar Rush from Wreck It Ralph that would be AMAZING!

    #4 I never had the chance to see America Sings but from what I have read it sounded pretty freaking epic! I thought it would be rad if we could have something similar for Christmas. If they could have a show in the Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln theatre with animatronic characters singing and celebrating the season I am sure it would be a mega hit! Could fullfill our Country Bear Jamboree void for a few months out of the year.

    #5 Last idea- a holiday themed restuarant. Again I haven’t had the chance to see the parks at Christmas time so they may already do this but if not I would love to visit a restaurant with Christmas love in the air and in the food!

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